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From salvage to regeneration, we revive a vintage simulator trainer.

T-2C Buckeye Operational flight trainer

Aerocraft Procurement

The Singer Simulation Division delivered device number 2F101 to the United States Navy in 1974.  This is one of the first motion flight simulators to support the U.S. Navy Synthetic Flight program.  By the early 2000s the simulator was retired and disposed for salvage.  It was obtained by Aerocraft in 2020.

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Identifying Use Case Specifications

Team Aerocraft will work with your aircrew, maintainers, and business management resources to identify your unique use case and budget constraints to tailor the best solution to your organizations business needs.

Displacing High Risk Components

The once motion simulator which resided in a large dedicated structure now must roll around the floor of a small classroom.  Aerocraft removed nearly 800 pounds in weight of excess structure.  Unserviceable hardware such as analog computer components, unreliable switches, and other degraded parts removed to make way for the new digital computer equipment.

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Enhancement of Existing Technology

The asset contained much hardware which has been unserviceable by the OEM for decades.  We took existing instruments and modified them with high precision stepper motors, servos or LCD digital instruments.  Incandescent bulbs replaced with low amperage LEDs.  Archaic mechanical relays were displaced by solid state transistors.  Cockpit switches components were cleaned and reintegrated.

Aerocraft uses an existing and trusted simulation environment by Lockheed Martin to develop aircraft systems.  The simulation thrives in the Windows operating system allowing for ease of operation.  Aerocraft developed proprietary additions using secondary software to enhance the realism of the simulated T-2.

Integrate into Modern PC Software


Once the core systems and flight controls were complete in the previous phase Aerocraft moved onto the core of a learning device, emergency procedures.  We recreated most of the emergency checklist with accurate degraded aircraft performance for single or compounding failures.

Fault Integration

The Aerocraft team credits the development of the T-2C Buckeye as the catalyst to our growth and competence as a simulation company.  Many challenges in the development cycle were overcome and we are confident in the products we have provided to our clients.

Continuous improvement

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