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Aerocraft Solutions provides you a modular smart training solution scalable to any use case or budget.

The Battle Management Software tracks your training scenarios.  Metrics can be collected from other Aerocraft instrumented modules such as the AM4 Carbine, position tracking software, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Aerocraft AM4 rifle is a one of a kind smart training rifle using technology never seen in this application.  Unlike competing systems which are merely rebranded hobby grade airsoft toys the AM4 was designed from the ground up as a professional training tool.

The AM4 Training Carbine has an onboard micro computer instrumentation package to collect data points. These training points include but are not limited to shot events, reload times, rounds expended, and more.

Using your smartphone or tablet, you may Bluetooth connect to the AM4 Training Carbine to retrieve training data points for to enhance your after action reports.


aerocraft smart training system
scalable, affordable, customizable

M4-E Features blue.png

round chambered

charging handle


shot events

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